Glass Balconies (support structures stainless steel profiles)

Principally combines balconies as an architectural element of the facade and seems well in the dark.

  • Handrails in stainless steel – D 42,4mm
  • Laminated glass (triplex) – 5-1,75-5mm

20150910_103303 P1180344

Closed balconies (frameless construction)

The glass is mounted with vertical uprights, held together with upper stainless steel frame, supported in the bottom of the H profile in stainless steel.

The glass is transparent to be not highlighted by the overall facade in the background. Does not prevent the light, giving a sense of lightweight construction. Safe and durable construction. Easy to maintain.

  • Laminated glass (triplex) – 8-2-8mm
  • H profile bottom – 200mm
  • Upper frame – 40x40mm


Glazed terrace in stainless steel profiles without banister

Used in principle as railings combined as an architectural element of the facade. Terrace or fence.

  • Structural steel – stainless steel profiles
  • Laminated glass (triplex) – 5-1,75-5mm.
  • Glass – clear or tinted

IMAG4145[3] IMAG4147[1]

Stairs and fences from stainless steel

Stair railings are available in a wide variety of materials and design. It depends on the basis of aesthetic considerations and security requirements.

Photos provided examples of framing a black painted steel profiles and stainless steel items. Structures are painted with powder. Wide range of colors.


Stairs and fences from stainless steel in exterior 

Design and fulfillment by the individual parameters. Available in a various type of materials and design.

Fences and gates

Formulated according to customer design and desire according to the actual parameters.  Fitted with automatic (electric) opening with remote control.