It is an important element of a house which must meet many aesthetic and technical criteria. Properly chosen and manufactured doors not only ensure the safety and warmth of your house, but also decorate it. Aluminium cladding can be applied to doors. We produce doors according to individual orders, so you can choose the desired type of opening, glass unit, color and wood.

Windows and doors made of three-layer laminated wood distinguish for the following characteristics:

  • deformation resistance under humidity and temperature variations;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • minimal shrinkage;
  • absence of cracks and other defects typical to wood;

We use pine, oak, sipo and meranti wood with moisture content of 10-12%. Waterproof glue is used for gluing.

Sipo Meranti lerk furu eik

Long-term life of a product depends on correct selection of paint, proper painting process and usage conditions. Applying a combination of impregnant “Teknos”, primer and paint we produce products which distinguish for the following characteristics:

  • Effective resistance to moisture;
  • Effective stain blocking;
  • “Breathing” of wood;
  • A combination of hardness and elasticity;
  • Excellent transparency;

You will certainly choose the most suitable colour from the large RAL and NCS colour palette. At a customer’s request a combined painting can be applied.

Did you find the desired doors elsewhere? Send us the door model and we will make an offer for that door!

In order to meet different needs in relation to thermal conductivity, safety and aesthetics, we offer several types of glass units:

Units with selective glass are the best for heat insulation. After filling the inside of a glass unit not with air but with gas (argon, krypton), its heat insulation properties improve even more. Insertion of the third glass (a two-chamber glass unit) allows to reduce U value down to 0,5 W/m2K.

Different types of decorative glass are used for these units: transparent, frosted, yellow, bronze, bronze-frosted.

For production of these glass units the means improving sound insulation function are applied: increase of the glass thickness, use of different thickness glass panes in the unit, lamination of glass with soundproof film, increase of the distance between glass panes.

The problem of protection from the heat arises in rooms with large windows facing south. In such cases a glass unit with tinted, reflective or solar control outer glass can be applied for glazing. Solar control glass panes are the newest glass panes which visually almost do not differ from clear glass but effectively reflect sunlight and help to preserve the warmth in winter season. This type of glass transmits only a certain amount of sunlight providing sufficient lighting, but preventing the room from being overheated.

Tempered, laminated or wire-reinforced glass panes are used for this type of units. Tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than usual glass. When crashed it breaks into small pieces with blunt edges. This type of units should be used in the rooms where glass can be damaged due to activities of people being in buildings. Laminated glass is the glass covered with a special film. After hitting the glass cracks and gets fractured. Glass fragments remain adhered to the film. Reinforced glass – the strength of such glass is increased using wire mesh which keeps glass pieces in place.

For each type of products we use specially adjusted hardware which ensures safe and tight closure. We equip doors with top quality products “IPA”, “ASSA ABLOY” and “Roto“ having certificates and declarations of conformity.