Preparing the wood

  • All timber we use for house construction is supplied by medenisĀ – a reliable company that is part of our group. This is how we warranty the highest timber quality.
  • Constructional timber comes from Sweden. It is C24 grade certificated to guarantee proper load bearing qualities.
  • Constructional timber and logs are dried using strictly monitored drying technology until no more than 18 percent of moisture content. This is guaranteed in our contracts.
  • LHM keeps big stock of timber in different lengths, sometimes up to 10 meters long to build a house without making any log joints in the walls.

Drawings and production meetings

  • We make production drawings of each project using 3D house design software
  • With every single project we have production meeting where all department leaders participate and discuss firmly all delivery process from drawing, specifications, material supply, production and teams schedules, etc. Such production meeting is normally the last moment when we can do some changes in specifications without extra cost to the customer. Later any even very small extra wishes or changes may significantly influence the price.

Building the house

  • The house is constructed and assembled at the company premises.
  • All pieces are marked according to the plan, then disassembled and transported to the customer. We send only trained and experienced crews to ensure the house to be assembled correctly.
  • It takes 1-4 days to assemble the house at the customer’s site. The rest of installation process untill “key in the door” averages to another 40 working days, and varies depending on the project size. Sometimes we complete 100 m2 house in just 3 weeks time.